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Howard County Housing - Responsibilities to Ensure Fair Housing

  • Follow fair housing and equal opportunity requirements.
  • Help families succeed in the program through prevention, intervention, and enforcement of the rules.
  • Actively help families, elderly and disabled people, and landlords participate in the program.
  • Manage the process for applications, the waiting list, and selection for the program.
  • Request and check information about the applicant(s) when they enter the program and while they are in the program.
  • Inspect the unit before the tenant moves in, and schedule an inspection once a year and when there is reason to believe that the unit may be damaged or in other      violation of the lease.
  • Determine whether the rent set by the landlord is allowed by the program and is reasonable.
  • Determine how much rent the tenant must pay to the landlord.
  • Determine how much rent HCH will pay to the landlord. Make those rental payments on time.
  • Establish and maintain the utility allowance for the unit.
  • Enforce the contract with the landlord. Take action to eliminate the subsidy if the landlord does not maintain the unit up to program standards.
  • Decide whether to remove a tenant from the program if the tenant’s responsibilities are unmet. Provide an appeal process to this decision.
  • Offer a Family Self-Sufficiency Program and other services that will help families succeed.